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ICON 2008+ Land Cruiser 200 Series Suspension Systems


Like any application that makes its way into ICON’s research and development department, the 200 Series Land Cruiser was examined thoroughly in stock form in an attempt to find where the OE components were limiting performance or could be improved upon. Once this process was complete ICON engineers set out to create parts that would increase the Cruiser’s ride quality, reduce body roll, maximize wheel travel, and provide sufficient lift to allow for the fitment of larger, more aggressive wheel and tire combinations. After miles of real-world testing and hours of in-house dyno work a collection of ICON components including coilovers, rear shocks, upper control arms, and lower links were organized into several staged suspension systems that each delivers a unique level of performance to the 200 Series.


The Toyota Land Cruiser 200 Series is a luxurious vehicle packed with all sorts of bells and whistles, but underneath all of the buttons and switches it is still a very capable vehicle that sees heavy use both on and off-road worldwide. While the 200 Series has exceptional ride characteristics in stock form, it is clear to see that the suspension is in need of a serious upgrade if the vehicle is to serve any measurable amount of time in the dirt. Installing the 200 Series Stage 5 system (ICON K53075) provides an enhanced level of performance that will drastically improve on and off-road vehicle ride characteristics. This system includes vehicle-specific tuned 2.5” coilover shocks featuring an external remote reservoir for exceptional cooling properties and ICON-engineered Eibach coil springs for superior vehicle “feel” through the range of travel. These coilovers are also height adjustable from 0-3” allowing the use of larger, more aggressive wheel and tire combinations. ICON 2.5 Series remote reservoir rear shocks w/ CDCV utilize a vehicle-specific valving that balances the performance of the SUV from front to rear. Installing 2.5″ reservoir shocks front and rear ensures optimum performance by increasing the duration of consistent damping regardless of the situation, keeping the shocks at a cooler operating temperature during extended offroad use. The CDC Valve upgrade is included in this stage front and rear for those desiring an easy way to tune the ride externally with 10 settings from soft to hard. ICON’s 6061 billet aluminum lower links offer easy on vehicle adjustment to attain optimum pinion angle, and also include a protective machined nylon skid strip to help slide over rocks without damage to the links structure. Billet aluminum uniball upper control arms utilize a 1” PTFE lined stainless uniball combined with our 17-4 stainless taper pin adapters to increase the upper arms misalignment, allowing for smooth bump and droop wheel travel without worrying about factory ball joint bind. ICON Vehicle Dynamics 2008+ Toyota Land Cruiser Stage 5 suspension system is an excellent choice for those drivers looking to enhance the capabilities of their SUV on the road as well as in the dirt.


  • Increased wheel travel and ride quality over stock
  • Decreased body roll
  • Vehicle-specific tuned front and rear shocks provide superior damping and control
  • Coilovers are adjustable from 0-3″ of lift height
  • Corrosion resistant CAD plated shock bodies with 7/8″ shafts
  • Shocks are fully rebuildable and revalveable
  • FK Rod End bearings for extended longevity and minimal deflection
  • CDCV technology allows for quick and easy compression damping adjustment without the need for tools
  • CNC machined 6061 aircraft-grade aluminum components
  • 100% bolt-on system means no drilling, cutting, or welding necessary for install

Made in the USA!